Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vurtego - just what every 50 year old needs

There's been a big discussion on the ex-NeXT list about the vurtego site (OK, a tiny discussion, but hey, a blip on that list is as amusing as a deluge from another list. Heck, the last discussion was on the IT techniques and approaches used by porn sites!) The site pisses the NeXT aesthetics people off. It's hard to navigate, it's a poser design, etc. etc. On the other hand, they're trying to prosetylize an extreme sport (says another person). Personally, though, I just find it hilarious (I also wonder if this will kill me if I try it.... I'm not getting any younger, you know?) Read the article (nicely hidden behind the Chihuahua Bites Policeman sign on the home page). It was written in the Arizona Republic newspaper, talking about how a certain fifty year old man is using - you guessed it - a Vurtego to combat the thinning of his bones! Kind of explains the $350 price tag, doesn't it? Is this the future of pre-geriatric aids, btw? Canes, sold to blaring Aerosmith?


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