Saturday, July 01, 2006

He's learning well!

I'm sending my son to the German American school where the poor dear is rolling and bobbing in German immersion this past two weeks. I asked him how it sounded to him and he said "blab blab blab blab blab." Not with attitude, just reporting. My German is coming back, too. It's in my brain now, and I find myself trying to parse sentences, thinking "aaargh. This is the WORST grammar!" It's baaaack!!! I speak Danish, which is pretty darn simple. (Well, not the political science or technology parts of it, but you can avoid those.) I found myself wondering what wurde meant the other day. Is it, like, the past participle of "will," used by the first person? Oh my. Ah, well, it's just another voice in the background of my mind, except instead of mulling over interpersonal relationships or being screwed by garden stores (excuse me), this voice is saying things (in German) like "I need to practice so that I can brush up on my German ... um, how do you say brush up in the German vernacular?" No wonder I like learning other languages. Much more pleasant (if you have to obsess.) I really like the children and parents at the school. I haven't found a single woman who looks as though she's in Junior League! Nice (for me). Not scary. They look normal and act normal. And the children are nice, too. They told me not to put any sweets into my son's lunch, which is fine with me, since we're not a real "sweets" family. However, I found a box of, like, dragon fruit gummy thingies that I bought at Costco (so I have 50 of them), and put one into his lunch yesterday as a treat. It's the only sweet processed thing that I let him eat. His other lunch treats are: a home-packaged small baggie of potato chips, applesauce in a tube, and yogurt in a tube. Wooo. I have looked for years, but can't find anything else that I'll feed my kid in all of the fun packaged stuff, so that's it. So get this: I went to pick him up in aftercare and they were making pancakes! (Pfannkuchen to you). They gave one to my son and sprinkled it with chocolate powder. He ate it up. On the way to the car, he said ruminatively "they won't let me eat the fruit gummis, but they feed me chocolate powder? That doesn't make sense. There's a lot of sugar in the chocolate." I agreed with him, and stifled an internal laugh. Yup, I think he'll be juuuuust fine in life, thank you very much!


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