Thursday, June 29, 2006

Great male writer/awesomely nasty amazon wish list

Just a note about a wonderful writer, Jim Harrison. I love this guy. One of my favorite writers is Alice Adams, even though she's a bit dated, I suppose. Lots of San Francisco and Marin County in the seventies and eighties with deep roots-female writing. Harrison feels like her counterpoint for depth. As female as Adams is, Harrison is masculine. Like Hemingway, but without that icky fifties cultural role stuff. If you haven't read him, I'd suggest Legends of the Fall, which contains a stunning novella called "Revenge." "Revenge" kicks butt. Here's a description of a movie that was made out of it, which apparently Tarantino adored. See? Masculine. Um, or something. "(The story of) an ex-Navy pilot squaring off against a wealthy Mexican and his goons, who left him for dead and tortured his mistress." The review goes on to describe, from what I can tell, the entire movie industry in about 4500 words, but I'd highly recommend the book. Speaking of which, check out this book list. I love it. Listen to what she says about Paradise Lost: "Milton is a pompous jerk, and his writing is irksome. Even worse, his theology sucks." Incidentally have you noticed that, with the advent of online writing, with the links and all, the old ways of using quotes feels increasingly outdated? I just took the quotes OUT of the book title and decided to italicize it. Nah. I'll just link it. And of course, if you put quotes around something you link to, it looks positively lousy. OK, back to the reviewer. She sounds like a real book lover. I am so sick of palliative thinkers. Give me someone with a meaty opinion. Well, unless they're some medicated wacko railing on the local "I hate Americans" right-wing radio channel. Those folks I can do without. Besides, I asked for an opinion, not a recital of the latest "Rapture" messages. Have you read the reviews on Amazon's listmania? They are hilarious. Here's one, about The Metamorphosis: "This book is amazing despite the main character being a giant beetle." Cool.


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