Friday, May 05, 2006

Tips of the day: bullying class and free ebooks!

I love the Berkeley Parents Network list! I learn so much! Thank you to Ginger Ogle for setting the whole thing up so long ago - it's now got around 10,000 users, and the advice given is erudite, educated, with multi-culti values, good life perspective, and so forth. Today I discovered two things. First thing is something called kidpower, which is a program to send your kid through if they're being bullied. I hear that it works a lot better than sending a can of mace, for example (ahem, can you tell my child hasn't reached this yet? I'm still cracking jokes!) The other thing is this awesome site called They have 13,600 free ebooks that you can use for your PDA or ipod. Is that cool or what?


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