Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tufte: Powerpoint is Evil. Awesome stuff

Am I the only one that hasn't read this? I just stumbled onto Tufte's hilarious essay called "Power Corrupts. Powerpoint Corrupts Absolutely" and had to laugh out loud. I mentioned it to my husband and he said (of course) "Oh yes, I remember that." Well, I was out in the back, trying to tape oatmeal containers together to make dual rocket blasters for a few years, and didn't have time to read Wired much, let alone remember anything, so forgive me for mentioning this, but I loved the article. Ironically enough, we went on a school tour to a private Menlo Park school last year (which shall remain nameless). This school promptly made me itch. Like... was it bug bites? Hackles? A slight rash from ... Ah, who can say. But the place drove me nuts. In the middle of the tour, the HR manager (or whatever she was) talked about how wonderful it was that the third graders were giving PowerPoint presentations. Ack! We couldn't get out of there soon enough. So nice to know that Tufte agrees.


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