Friday, June 09, 2006

Gardening versus Body Mutiliation

Well Hello everyone, and how are you today! Ever since I first read William Gibson,I've been waiting for people to start mutilating themselves. In my posting called Could Someone Please Hack Yahoo Avatars I mention morphing shark teeth onto avatars - an idea directly descended from Gibson. That said, let's talk gardens. My house has a garden. It's my first garden, and boy is it different from the gardens we had growing up, which were redolent of sweat, unpleasantness, and mom yelling at you. I have learned to garden, learned to landscape, learned to do my own sprinkler-fixing (instead of hiring 20-somethings on cellphones to rip me off and fail to think, incidentally), and learned to design. Incidentally, I am not artistic, although eventually, given enough years, I have been known to choose a nice color or two for my walls. If you're not artistic, you can either work on fixing up your house (aka "designing"), or you can work on the garden. Gardens are cooler. You work with nature. Or God, depending on whether you are a Darwin fan or not. So here's my theory. I think that the people who are working on the body modification stuff really are just demonstrating what a dearth of gardens does to young people. Shouldn't these folks be outside, making enormous crop circles and convincing Bill and Fred that it was aliens? (AHEM: note: This blog was written in response to a recent article on body modification which I have apparently DELETED (idiotically). Luckily I could remember one person from the article - Lizard Man - but I'm doing you all a favor by NOT providing a direct link. If you want to see the bizarre stuff that people are doing to themselves, feel free to scroll down in wikipedia and check out the "people who do this" links, but this is a warning - it's pretty off-putting." Should be interesting, however, to see what falls into the "norm" category next, though, since we've moved into the "fourteen holes in the ears" and other strange piercing stuff.... Of course ALL of this stuff falls neatly into the "really make your parents crazy" category, but gosh - shouldn't you be able to do that without plastic surgery?)


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