Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is it good practice to teach creativity at 30?

Here is a professional site on creativity. This one uses storytelling and games to teach groups of people to be more creative. Gosh. Like preschool, what? Oh. Wait a minute. Shouldn't preschoolers be learning how to write now? Did we goof this up somewhere? Here's a concept: why don't we just raise our children to be creative from the start, rather than fitting them into little boxes in a fear-based society, and then trying to instruct them on "higher concepts" like spontaneity when they're 30? Remember the Japanese? Everybody was talking about them taking over the world in the eighties. They had a rigid schooling system. Every smidgen of uniqueness was quashed ASAP, as part of the schooling system. Great. Eventually, when it became obvious that the entire country was lacking in innovative skills, what did they do? They imported American experts on innovation and creativity to come in and consult! And what did those experts say? Raise your kids in a less rigid environment! (Amazing what people get paid for, isn't it?) Fast forward fifteen, twenty years. Aaaarrrggh! China is going to take over the world! Or ... is it fundamentalists? Hard to remember. What should we do? I know, let's make our three and four year olds learn to read! That way, they'll score highly on the No Child Left Behind tests and the teachers won't lose their jobs and the kids won't get traumatized by teachers leaving and schools being closed and ... oh dear. this is giving me a headache. Incidentally, here is the government's No Child Left Behind website. I really like the Maoist color scheme... Question: has the current regime developed some sort of novel new salute yet? Or do we keep the old one?


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