Thursday, May 04, 2006

Speaking of modern feminism

Here's a book review that had me snickering into my imported tea. It's a beautifully-written review of a book called "Mommy Wars" by a writer named Sandra Tsing Loh, who names her review "rhymes with Rich." My favorite excerpt (I think) is this (a response to Steiner's husband moving the family from NY to Minnesota for lots of stock options.) "Steiner's female-empowering argument is that her only choice, as a mother, was to return to full-time work at a plum Washington Post advertising job in order to gain the economic leverage needed to have a say in household decisions. It is a leverage that Steiner's own depressed, rum-and-Coke-swilling, stay-at-home -- if brilliant, Radcliffe-educated -- mother never had, since Steiner's cheerful lawyer father was the one who worked. ." Read it and roar. Undoubtedly much better than the book, which sounds like whiny pap.


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