Friday, April 28, 2006

Psst! Hey! Wanna buy a high-tech t-shirt?

Today I cleaned out the garage. Nothing new in my life. Actually, I've been cleaning out garages filled with my husband's bizarre magnetized tech-trash, for about thirteen years. As part of cleaning out the garbage, I moved an extremely large box of high-tech t-shirts from the garage to the gardening shed. Fun fun fun. And then I came in to see a Valleyschwag link from my mate himself. How appropriate. But let's think about it. For $14.95, as they say, you can get a whole box of Valley Schwag, without having to pay the $3000 rent! Wheee! Gosh, where would we put it. Today I was looking at a lovely shirt. It said "The World of Supercomputing" on it. Remember Supercomputing? The company right at the front was ... Ardent Computers. So... show of hands here. Who can remember Ardent? Gosh, I'm getting old!


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