Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How do you use those 2.0 apps, anyway?

You know, I'm a busy mom. I am doing some consulting work right now, and I'm right in the middle of trying to swim my way through the jello that is the current web 2.0 world. I hate shopping for tennis shoes now, because there are too many choices. Consider how I must feel about software, or even these new (!!) improved (!!) 2.0 services that I keep hearing about. Some of the products float in my periphery and I have always wondered what they were. I mean, I kind of know, but I've never really used the product. Other products suffer from "2.0 insufferability," which is to say that they have really zonked-out names (zapgidget, wranko, lomar... stuff like that), and when you go to their site, they are nicely put together, with the requisite matching color scheme, maybe a tag cloud or two, but I have no freaking idea what they do. One of the highly irritating things about 2.0 is that they have gone the route of the washing tag. You know, the tag inside of your coat or your shirt that tells you how to wash it? Well... several years ago some morons decided that they would go "GLOBAL SYMBOLS" on us all, so they adopted these really irratating symbols, and nobody knows what they mean! Same thing here at web 2.0. Apparently having a button called "why the hell we exist" or even "our philosophy" is considered outre in the 2.0 set. Imagine. Software so cool that, if you have to ask about it, you're just not cool enough to use it. Cross-posted from my blog titled "But Does it Work." Bye! I'm off to see if I can get damn stumble off of my Mozilla browser, where it apparently glommed itself on without asking, and to install sphere, which didn't install although it should have!


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